Tous les modèles de la collection MoonSwatch

MoonSwatch: Discover all the models in the collection

In this article, we delve into the exquisite details of the various Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch models that make up this exceptional collection.


Mission to the Sun: the dazzling star

The MoonSwatch Mission to the Sun is the centerpiece of this collection, capturing the brilliance of the sun with its sunbrushed stainless steel case. This watch embodies glamour and sophistication, establishing itself as the undisputed star of the collection.

Mission to Mercury: a tribute to the winged messenger

The Mission to Mercury pays tribute to mythology's winged messenger with its dark gray case. Meticulous details, such as the subtle dial and metal finishes, reflect the speed and grace associated with Mercury.

Mission to Venus: Powder pink elegance

Dive into the world of love with the Mission to Venus. Its powder pink hues and oval sub-dials are a visual celebration of the planet named after the goddess of love. A watch that combines delicacy and power.

Mission on Earth: celebrating our planet

Mission on Earth celebrates our precious planet with a case in blue and green. Every detail, from the dial to the hands, evokes the beauty of the Earth. A watch that reminds us of the importance of preserving our environment.

Mission to the Moon: a faithful reproduction

Inspired by the iconic design of Omega's Speedmaster Moonwatch, Mission to the Moon offers a faithful reproduction of this legendary timepiece. A tribute to space exploration and watchmaking heritage.

Mission to Mars: flaming red

Immerse yourself in the fiery energy of the Mission to Mars, a flamboyant red watch. The hands evoke those of the Alaska Project, adding a touch of mystery and adventure to this bold timepiece.

Mission to Jupiter: Bronze collection inspired by Ultraman

Explore the Mission to Jupiter, a captivating collector's watch with a distinctive bronze hue. Connoisseurs will appreciate the orange seconds hand reminiscent of the Ultraman, adding a unique dimension to this creation.

Mission to Saturn: Elegance in shades of beige

Dive into elegance with the Mission to Saturn, a watch in sophisticated beige hues. Saturn's rings at 6 o'clock add an artistic touch, making this timepiece a true watchmaking gem.

Mission to Uranus: a tribute to the Greek god of the sky

The Mission to Uranus pays tribute to the Greek god of the sky with its soothing pale blue. A watch that captures the majesty of the night sky, fusing contemporary design with mythological symbolism.

Mission to Neptune: Reverence to the ice giant

Dive into the mysterious depths with the Mission to Neptune, a watch in deep, icy blue. A reverence to the ice giant, this timepiece combines sophistication and originality.

Mission to Pluto: Dedicated to the dwarf planet

Let's end our exploration with the Mission to Pluto, dedicated to the dwarf planet. Grey and burgundy blend harmoniously, creating a watch that embodies a fascination for the unexplored.


The MoonSwatch collection offers a diverse range of watches that transcend the boundaries of traditional watchmaking. Each model tells a unique story, capturing the spirit of cosmic exploration and artistic expression. Choose the MoonSwatch that resonates with your style and let us take you on a journey through time and space.

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